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The Greater China region is a unique challenge with its significant culture and economics differences. With its particular social and local cultural framework, our professional partners and consultants have extensive search and selection experiences, and regional knowledge to identify talents and leadership with an appropriate cultural fit to meet clients’ unique requirements in the region.

IESF China specializes in diverse sectors and operates in following major Practice Groups



Automotive & Industrial are the leading and most dynamic sectors in China. IESF China Group Company has been serving OEMs, 1st & 2nd Tier Supplies, Dealerships, OEMs/OBMs/ODMs manufacturers in North, East, South, Central and West China. These openings include but not limit to

OEMs/1st & 2nd Tier Suppliers/Dealerships

China OEM, JV, Regional, Asia Pacific

Vice Presidents
National, Sales, Business Development, Marketing…..

National Directors
Sales, Aftersales, Network Development……

General Managers
4S Dealership, Sales, Aftersales, Network Development, Strategy, Production,

Quality Improvement, Manufacturing, Finance, Human Resources, T&D,……

Senior Managers/Managers
Various Line and Functional positions

Senior Tech Specialists
Homologation, Product Design & Development

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These sectors use to be the EXPORT categories of China trade since its Open Market Policy in 1989. 
Presently these have been operating in two-ways of International Trade between key consumer markets such as United State, Continental Europe and the Mainland. Key positions such as General Managers, Director levels of Merchandising, Sourcing, Quality, Compliance, Product Development; and hundreds of management and senior technical specialist positions of Product Designers,  Home Textile, DIY, Furniture, Gardening, Tooling, etc. are the most frequency mandates using IESF China Executive Search services.

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Executive Search in these sectors requires specific know-how and understanding of competences of key openings. Knowledgeable to differential the business nature of Healthy Products to Pharmacies as well as Medical Care Equipment and its Application would be crucial to accomplish the mandates. Our consulting teams possess practical knowledge and sector understandings of Biopharmaceutical, Chemical, Bio-Science, Health Care, and their applications of R&D, Laboratory, Manufacturing to Field Sales Applications.

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Apart from the usual Executive Search approach to “head-hunting” the Business Unit Heads, National and Regional Distribution/Retail Directors, and District Managers of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tier China cities, International Conglomerate/FMCG Clients are also using our Talent Mapping to accelerate their manpower acquisition rates to cope with their sky-rock expansion of distribution and retail outlets in the Mainland. Proven candidate data pool in E-Finance and E-commerce has been our competitive-edge to be business partners of some well-known E-corporations in these sectors.

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IESF China and its Group Companies work with client closely, tailor made service plans for meeting the clients’ unique requirements in specific location/ industry, handling all aspects of the process from initial specification through to completion.

All our partners have commitment to the highest ethical standards. We honor our commitment to professional ethics and integrity by ensuring that highly sensitive information our clients and candidates entrust to us is treated with absolute confidentiality.

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